Ladies Beastly Babe Costume

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Ladies Beastly Babe Costume

Ladies Beastly Babe Costume

Now entering…beast mode!Ugh, we really can’t believe the audacity of that wrinkled old hag! She had the nerve to show up at your castle door while you were entertaining a ballroom full of guests… that’s just rude. Not only did she have the gall to interrupt your fancy soiree, but then she actually thinks you’re going to let her stay the night just because it’s cold and stormy? Nuh-uh, girlfriend! It’s called an umbrella…maybe she should invest in one, or better yet, maybe she should cast a spell to make one appear out of thin air since she’s actually a sorceress in disguise. And to top it all off, she only offers you one measly rose; not even a full bouquet. How annoying!Anyway, you stood up for yourself and declined the withered hag’s disenchanting offer. And what does she do? She turns you into a beast. Wow, some people can’t take ‘no’ for an answer! Oh well, no one rocks a matted mane quite like you, plus your new horns really bring out your eyes. We have to say that the beastly makeover looks really great on you!This women’s beastly babe costume puts a feminine spin on a classic fairy tale themed costume. The body-hugging dress features beautiful royal blue crushed velvet and a row of shiny gold buttons. The necktie adds a dashing touch, while the horns give you the fierce look you desire. Add of pair of tattered leggings to your ensemble and you’ll have the complete look. And remember: never ever settle for just one rose!



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