New York Comic Con 2017

Two weeks ago we visited New York Comic Con 2017.
Confession: It was our first time.

As newbies we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We knew there would be huge crowds, long lines, panels, parties and demonstrations, but for our first experience we just wanted to take it all in — and admire the costumes, of course. However, our experience went way beyond the costumes. We found the vast majority of the attendees to be friendly and fun-loving. Here is what we learned.

Cosplay Is King

Cosplay, for those of you who don’t know, is the coupling of two words, costume and play. It is the art of dressing in costume to resemble a movie, book or video character, including those characters from the Japanese genres of manga and anime. At NYCC, the costumes were amazing and cosplayers took center stage. We appreciate every person who took the time and had the creativity to get into costume.

It’s A Family Affair

We expected to see lots of adults, but we didn’t expect to see so many families in attendance. It was really heartwarming to see all the families enjoying the experience together.

The Fun Isn’t Limited To The Convention Center

We took some of our favorite photos outside the convention center. There are lots of displays/exhibits surrounding the Javits Center, as well as great food trucks and restaurants nearby, which helps if you’re not into the limited food choices and long lines inside. It was also fun to see everyone in character on the subway coming to/from the event. ( We are all used to seeing characters on the train, but they don’t bring a smile to your face very often!)

Be Prepared

Some Comic Con experts gave us valuable advice which helped make our experience more enjoyable. Wear comfortable shoes. Even in your most comfortable pair, your feet will be throbbing from all the walking. Bring a backpack filled with water, snacks and a portable phone charger. The charger is key, otherwise all the picture taking will kill your battery. And remember, if you want to take a photograph or touch a costume, you should ask permission.

Overall, we had a great experience. Check out some more of our favorite photos. See you there next year. I’ll be the one in the costume!

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