What Is A Costume?

Webster’s Dictionary says:

  1. A style of dress; dress in general including accessories. style of the hair etc.
  2. Style of dress typical to a certain country, period, people etc., often worn at a masquerade or in a play.
  3. A complete set of outer clothes considered as a unit and worn for a particular purpose, as a riding costume.

Webster is saying we all wear a costume everyday! That is, we all wear clothing everyday, at least most of us. And we each have our own “style of dress”, the number one definition above.

Our choices for clothing, accessories, hair and makeup (if any) become our costume or our style of presentation to the world!

The second and third definitions above imply masquerading. This is the fun part, dressing in a style of something other than yourself.

Even though you are masquerading as something or someone else, you must choose a costume which probably says something about you as well! Be mindful!

Mindfulness is about being in the present. Presently we must be aware of heightened sensitivity. The saying, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery” doesn’t always apply.

In our present era then we must be mindful to not offend others. If you choose to imitate a person from Mexico or a Native American Tribal Chief, you may be confronted by someone saying, “We are a culture not a costume”. Not what you want to hear when you or your child walk into a party! A little sensitivity can save you the hard feelings and embarrassment.

Enjoy your costumes. Have a ball!

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