#TBT – Nostalgic Halloween Costumes

We put together a round up of our favorite 80’s and 90’s inspired Halloween costumes. Hope you’re in the mood for some nostalgia!

The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus

Hopefully you won’t be A Twisted Sister.

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Arnold and Helga from the 90’s classic Hey Arnold!

That Arnold is UNREAL!

image source

Lisa Frank

Every 90’s girl was obsessed with Lisa Frank! We love this creative DIY Lisa Frank Costume from Fancy Made!

Space Jam

Slam Dunk!

The Magic School Bus Mrs. Frizzle

How great is this Mrs. Frizzle costume by CostumesByEyes?!


Remember Reptar? Or maybe you’re more of a Tommy, Chuckie or Angelica?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Spartan Cheerleader



My Little Pony

Clueless Valley Girls

Ugh, as if!


The Goonies Sloth

What are you lookin at!??


Next time you come into the city don’t forget the bike lock!

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